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tbsmom posted this 26 September 2011 - Last edited 26 February 2016

Hi. I am trying to find an AACSB-accredited online program for bussiness accounting. I am looking to eventually take the CPA exam and will need the 150 credits to do so. Do you have any avenues that I may explore for this information? Thanks. Amber

VickyPhillips posted this 26 September 2011 - Last edited 26 February 2016

Hi Amber,

Yes, we can help.
What state are you trying to meet CPA licensing requirements for? All states do not have the same requirements, this is why I ask.

In general you will need a bachelors in business with 24 credits in business and 24 or more in accounting, and a bachelors with more credits than normal -- often up to 150 semester credits as opposed to 120 -- + 2 years supervised experience working under a CPA.

Make sure you check your state's specific CPA licensing board regs BEFORE you enroll in any online degree program.

You do not usually need to attend a b-school that is AACSB accredited for the CPA exam BUT if you want one that is so accredited it will narrow your choices.

To find your online accounting degree options ....

Search the Get Educated database for all online bachelors business degrees

You will get a list of 304 possible bachelors.

Then use the filters on your LEFT to NARROW your search to CHOOSE MAJOR = Accounting.

You will get over 50 online bachelors in accounting major area.

Within these there is one accounting bachelor's that is AACSB accredited:

Washington State University Online

You can search our directory in all sorts of ways.

START here at Compare Online Degrees

Good Luck!

Vicky Phillips