Fastest Online Bachelor's Degree

  • Last Post 08 December 2015
curiousv posted this 08 July 2015 - Last edited 26 February 2016

I am getting older...and I have studied in India 20 years ago so most universities in USA are not ready to transfer my credits because its too old for them. But there might be some universities that might consider these studies. Can you suggest some of those universities. Obviously I would like my studies be considered to transfer credits because that way I don't have to spend less time and money in getting bachelor's degree. I don't care which program bachelors' degree come from...I just want fastest possible online bachelor's degree so I can get a desk job while pursing further studies. Also, only suggest accredited universities options only.

davefranco posted this 08 December 2015

Are you planning to eventually get your graduate degree locally? If so, that would be an argument to at least look into the local options for finishing the BA locally also (whether in person or through their online program) in order to make connections and find people to serve as references for the graduate application.

And of course the UofU, like everyone else these days, has online courses -- you'll want to check with them as well in case that was the fastest option since you are already in their system.