Online BBA or Online BIT?

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bro07 posted this 07 August 2014 - Last edited 06 August 2015

Hey all, Well, I am currently planning to do both BBA (Business Adminstration) and BIT (Information Technology. I want to do one of these courses online while the other in a physical classroom. So, which of one of these courses should I do online and which one in a school? Any suggestion is appreciated.

Kayleigh posted this 11 August 2014 - Last edited 26 February 2016

Hi there,

Thanks for your question!

Do you foresee yourself needing more support in one program over the other? In a case like that you may benefit from having face to face access with your professors, school tutors, study groups and classmates.

Consider also the

rel="nofollow">3 factors by which employers view the credibility of an online degree.

A main factor is the school's reputation. You may not live near a highly regarded business school but you could opt to attend that school online. Backyard brands are familiar to employers and can score you extra points whereas a little known online or traditional school may not leave as big of an impression.

I would begin your search with GetEducated's online degree rankings:

Best Online Bachelors in Business Administration
Best Online Bachelors in Information Technology

Click on each school to see reviews from students, alumni, and employers.

You can compare and contrast these online programs with the options near you.

Best of luck!