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Kriska81 posted this 18 September 2013 - Last edited 26 February 2016

Hi all, Long story short. I'm a Danish citizen married with a US citizen and currently living in the San Francisco bay area. I have a great job but feel its time to go back to some kind of school. With my lacking knowledge of the american education system I want to ask you all for some help.

I have a 2year AP Degree in Marketing Management from Denmark and I want to look into options for part time education and get my bachelors. How can I approach this? I'm browsing UC Berkeley Ext. site and they have all kinds of "certifications" but I dont see any programs pointed towards me.

What would you recommend me?

Thanks in advance.

Some background info on the AP degree from Denmark.

The objective of the programme is to qualify the student to independently perform work functions of analysing, planning and implementing solutions widely related to marketing in national and international commercial, production and service companies. The AP Graduate in Marketing Management will be able to combine financial, legal, organisational, cultural, social and technological knowledge in connection with marketing in a global market. Furthermore, the graduate will be able to participate in cooperation with people having various educational, language and cultural backgrounds. The education is a two-year, full-time programme that corresponds to 120 ECTS Credits. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is a common European standard, 60 Credits of which correspond to one full year of studies at higher education level.

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If you are looking to transfer your AP degree credit towards a U.S. bachelor's degree most colleges & universities will require a credit evaluation from a member of the NACES.

Are you looking to continue studying Marketing and/or Business Management? Also, are you looking to complete your study in a 100% online program or a hybrid program, incorporating both online & on-campus work?