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Shaun posted this 22 June 2013 - Last edited 26 February 2016

Hello everyone, My name is Shaun and I'm new to geteducated. I have an Associates degree in Computer Science Graphic / Web design. I'm currently an English teacher teaching at a government school in Thailand. I've been teaching in Thailand for 2 1/2 years now. I would like to earn a BA degree online and need these questions answered.


1. Will the Universities in Utah look at me as a resident or overseas student?

2. Is there any cheap online BA courses in Graphic or web design? (is that web development?)

3. I took Graphic design courses for 1st year and web design classes in the 2nd year. I didn't do all my generals since many were dropped for web design calsses (yeah, I should've known better). Should I just complete my generals before starting my BA? What school does this?

4. I've checked Western Governors University programs and I think it looks great. Since I'm from Utah, will they be cheaper than other Universities?

5. Should I change my degree into Information Technology? I cannot find online graphic design programs anywhere. I also need a University that doesn't require you to be online at a specific time. I want to earn this on my own time, hence the time difference of 12+ hours.

6. On my FAFSA loans from the government. I made my 1st payment and then I did a forberance for 3 years because of financal reasons. Do I still qualify to extend my FAFSA loan so I can borrow money again and continue school.

P.S. I love being here with my Thai wife and two baby girls. I want to earn my BA within 2-3 years and we will move to America. My wife has a BA in Tourism and Marketing.

Looking forward to your feedbacks. Thanks!

VickyPhillips posted this 24 June 2013 - Last edited 26 February 2016

Hi Shaun,

Whether any online school would consider you a state resident of Utah OR an oversees student would depend entirely on the school and its internal policies. You'd want to discuss that with each school AND with each school's financial aid department also.

Most online schools will enroll overseas students. If they charge an "overseas tuition rate" you'll find that data on the school's profile on Get Educated. Many do charge MORE for overseas because of shipping materials and addtl processing for materials.

FYI > Western Governor's University of Utah is NOT a public institution so it makes no difference if you are a resident of Utah or not.

WGU offers one low tuition rate for ALL ONLINE STUDENTS. This school is on many of our best buy ranking lists for low tuition rates compared to other online schools. In fact they rate an "A" for affordability for all online students.

WGU's low cost online bachelors in IT is a great option-- but they do not have any major or concentration in web design per se so you'd have to look at their general IT degree.

SEE: Online Bachelor's in Web Design & Development
SEE: Online Bachleor's in Graphic Design
SEE: Online Bachelor's in IT

SEE: Also our list of Best Affordable Online Colleges for Bachelors in Computer Science / IT for other low cost options.

I could not advise you on student loan deferments; that issue goes back to the type of loan(s) you have the and terms of the loan you agreed to at the time you borrowed. There is no such thing as a FAFSA loan and there are several types of student loans, all varying in their terms.

You'd need to contact your loan aid payment officer for help on loan repayment issues and how a return to school online would impact that. There should be a contact number on your loan repayment coupons for help on that issue.

There are some online bachelor degrees that have majors in web design or development. We have over 800 of them! Follow the link to start comparing.

Glad you like Thailand!

Vicky Phillips
Founder - Get Educated