Is Brooklyn Bay University Fake?

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ameenud posted this 24 January 2017 - Last edited 13 April 2017

I'm receiving calls from Brooklyn Bay University and their website

They offering me a degre based on my work experience. Is this university legit or is it fake?

shmiks posted this 15 February 2017

Yes, it's a SCAM! They want you to pay money in advance the same day they speak with you; this "famous" universuty doesn't have an address in NY or anywhere worlwide and doesn't exist in any website for accredited universities in USA. If you look up close in their website there are a lot of vocabulary mistakes like "tution fee" not tuition and there is a picture of a sudent who is a man with the name of Amanda Lee!! Absolute SCAM!!!

Hatescamsedu posted this 16 February 2017

I have had the same experience and trying to find out but here is my story so far! I think I need to speak to the US Embassy.

I have been given an interview with a so called professor and was given credits for my working experience etc. All seemed very legit. I even had people phoning me from the Social work and Affairs Council saying that I am legible for a sponsorship of 75% of the study fees. I paid $499 NOT to Brooklyn Bay University but to  I have been hounded to pay the $3100 fees before allowed to the learning portal.  They could not give me a proper curriculum for B.ED and majoring in Adult Education. They did send me the subjects by email.  They even sent me an e-mail with attested certificates that I will receive after I have complete the degree. They sent me a welcome letter via DHL with the sender being a Eric Murphy, with an address from Richmond which is currently unoccupied and up for lease.  It does not state my Student number and when I needed to pay they wanted me to pay it into Creek Academic Group. I said I would need my student number as a reference and they told me that I should leave it blank????? Really. There are so many things fake on this I can write 100 pages on what is wrong here. Even the board of trustees is something to laugh at.  All the names that contact me is either someone who is on the internet as retired or a person affiliated with other educational institutions. Even the student councillors that I have had a live chatwith like Richard M Watson etc etc.  You cant find anything on the internet or physical address or anybody even working for this Brooklyn Bay University.  Look at their press releases on the name you can see have beencutover with Liza Bedford which is a home schooling mom (look the different font). Listen to their video the voice is not American.

So when investigating I came across these two universities Brooklyn Bay and Ed Barton are very similiar even their newroom and events are exactly the same. You cant be both on the 3rd place of online universities on Online Ed Ranker.( Real website is 

Ed Barton UNiversity

On these links look at the news IESFWA news for both of these universities with smiliar news that the educational grants will go only to the specific universities.

Look at the two logo's of the universities very similar, as well as Richford university which became a fake and may people lost their money.  Also be on the lookout for names similar to real universities.

Richford = Richmond

Brooklyn Bay = Brooklyn College or Brooklyn University in Australia

Also look out for their likes on their facebook page and if you can post a comment?


pissslik posted this 22 February 2017

Hi ameenud,

they called me also several times offering me very cheap pHd education possibility. I do beleive that they are fake, since their home page doesn´t end with .edu, Secondly their adress doesnt exist, the nostrification bodies that they list on their web page are fake ones.

The first thing they ask you on the phone  let´s send us the money, we will discuss the details later on"...

Be rellay coutious about those cheap edu providers... 

bigo posted this 15 March 2017

I'm receiving calls from booklyn bay university and their website

They offer degree for me refering my work experience. Is this university is a legal  or may be fake?

Dear Friends,

i am having a very bad experience with this university,i just registered and i started to get calls from the student counsellor session.they were completely convincing me they said 499 registration fees and said the course fee could be pain on split.after registration they immediately asked to pay the course fee also.i took up the MBA program from this university paying 1600 USD.then begins there actual business.i stay in kuwait and an expatriate a call from misistry of foreign affairs and they were telling that i have not made my online degree legal and they put me on conference with a legal dept guy from the university in US.that guy started give some stories which i am also not aware of.he said my certificate from the university has to to be made equivalent to US education and will be converted to Kuwait standard.they said since i have 75% scholarship i have to pay only 4200USD for this legalisation.i told them clearly that i cant pay this and it was not informed at the time of later they are threatened that they will charge a case on me through US embassy and i have to give them compensation.they literally gave me a mental torture...i should have either checked this groups before or i should have approached through a legal counsel..they demand me to pay now 2100USD and the balance later.

I am depressed completely because of this one is the mental sufferings which i faced and the second is my hard earned income went for no use.i just want to know can these people take any action against me..and also wanted to know can i try to give a case on this university and claim back my amount of 1600USD which i paid as course fee,,,

Please for my friends who read this,we are our own victims of greed.because these fake universities survive only because of us.they promote telling that you get a world wide recognised degree in very cheap price and get scholarship,job assurance,all,etc.later they keep on extracting our money.

during the latest conversation i asked them that i am not the first student from kuwait.then why dint u expalin all this at the time of counselling.the guy said we have different depts and they all dont say everything.later i asked him to give one reference student detail from kuwait he said its confidential and they cant...

Plsss friends support me or help me suit a complain or case against this Brooklyn Bay University...


Kayleigh posted this 13 April 2017 - Last edited 13 April 2017

Hello all, 

Brooklyn Bay University claims accreditation from a number of organizations. 

NONE of these are recognized (read: legitimate) providers of accreditation in the United States. 

We would NOT recommend you enroll in any school that does not hold accreditation recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Education or CHEA. 

It can be tricky to identify a fake college especially when their website looks professional. 

The first thing you should do when considering an online school if to verify their accreditation. You can do this, for free, by running a search for the school's name in the CHEA database. If the school does not come up, it does not hold valid accreditation. 

See more tips on identifying dubious schools here has been working to educate consumers on diploma mill scams since 1989. We've also established one of the most comprehensive online degree databases.

If you don't want to conduct accreditation searches yourself or are crunched for time, begin your college search in our online degree database. We do the hard work for you and verify that each school holds proper accreditation. 


Good luck!

Online Education Expert

Salem Kassem posted this 25 April 2017

Dears, I have a very bad experience with them. Brooklyn Bay University is just fake in relation and they failed to provide me with proper documention legalized as promised. They just got the money 3594$ for registration and Attestation then they have send me papers can be printed from internet and I can design the same. I got a call from Cultual Office of Saudi Arabia where I live, he asked for proof of study attested by ministry of education. The university could not provide that and they have asked me for additional 1900$ to create fake case studies and a thesis to convince that I have done that. I have all evidence frompayment invoice to all chat done. Now, they start to talk to me differently after they had the money. Please be careful from it and advice your friends to make sure not to respond to them. I will try through newspaper and media to share my experience with them to stop them from cheating more people.

rama posted this 20 June 2017

These universities are cheating the people by providing fake degree certificates. How to file a case against such people