Concordia College and University Scam?

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admin posted this 28 April 2011 - Last edited 25 February 2016

Hi, I have come across many Concordia's universities, some of them are located in Dominica, Spain or Liberia, as far as i concluded through different search engines, these are not trusted and based also on many opinions. I was wondering about the status of Concordia College and University, the one which is located at Wilmington, Delaware, their website is This university claims accreditation by the National Academic Higher Education Agency NACHED Is it a trusted university? or it's just a scam like the many others! Would appreciate your advice, Regards

VickyPhillips posted this 28 April 2011 - Last edited 22 October 2015


For an online college or university in the USA to be "trusted" and "recognized" by other colleges and universities it need to be accredited by an agency that is recognized by the United States Department of Education or the Council on Higher Education Accreditation, CHEA.

See our FAQ on online college accreditation

See our FAQ on degree mills

This "Concordia University or College" that you cite is NOT accredited by any recognized agency in the USA to award degrees either online or through a campus.

The "National Academic Higher Education Agency" sounds nice and fancy, but it is NOT a recognized college accrediting agency in the USA.

Thank you for this alert.

We will be adding the "National Academic Higher Education Agency" to our list of Unrecognized Online College Accreditation Mills

We would not advise attending any online college in the USA that lacks recognized accreditation.

Why would you when there are more than 3,000 properly accredited online degree programs in the USA?

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ndlovu posted this 03 January 2012 - Last edited 06 August 2015

This Concordia College in Delaware is the same one as the Dominica based one. The infamous, unrecognized and un-wonderful one based in Dominica also purports to be recognized by the Liberian and Malaysian Governments. No such recognition government exits of any kind for this Concordia College.

dapplewhite posted this 24 March 2013 - Last edited 06 August 2015

This educational institution is not a scam! I am an Army Veteran and received recommendation from the Veterans Administration for this university. I am grateful that Concordia College & University granted my doctorate based on my completion of doctoral studies at Capella University and extensive work in my field. After a near-fatal car accident, Capella refused time extensions and billed me to the limit of my financial aid and loans,making it impossible to finish the last quarter of dissertation. It really depends on your circumstances; where (i.e industry/profession) you wish to apply the degree you receive; what you wish to accomplish, and; how you use your degree within ethical guidelines.