Good Afternoon,

I am very interested in leveraging all my years of business experience from corporate life in Human Resources, to the healthcare Staffing Industry, where I have nearly two and a half decades of experience. I presently specialize in Physican Relations.

I understand there is a Competency exam, and I'd like to know more about that, as I do not yet have my Associates Degree which I am now interested to pursue.

Ultimately, I would like to aquire my Bachelors Degree as well so I will meet the requirements to work in a healthcare facility. My interest is in Provider contract management.

At this juncture in my life and career, I feel I can take a couple of classes per Semester, via online for my Undergrad degree. I'd like to know which online program is recommended, also if they will be able to assist in helping me get real life credits.

Thoughts & Assistance is much appreciated!

Regards, Susan