Hello, I am currently a special education teacher with the Maryland State Department of Education. I am teaching on a condtional/provisional certificate. Certificate is 6-12. I was awarded the certicate and given a job teaching because of my past working with special education students. I was given up to for years to complete 33 credits so that I could get my professional cert. 

The problem I am having is that the local colleges around me do not offer the credits I need. They are small community colleges and I have already taken all the classes they offer. I am still 24 credtis short. So it looks like I will need to start looking at online schools.

I already have a BA and do not want to enroll in a degree program, I just need to take specific classes that are required for my certificate. Does anyone have any advise on which online school would be appropriate? Of course if needs to be accredited. Any adivice is appreciated.