Hi there, ok, I have too many things on my mind which makes my search for education extremely limited to no option.

I come from underdeveloped country & am 37 years old female, I have been working since 1998 in business management areas and have work experience in procurement, customer service, events management, business development, tendering & bids, contract management, Finance as well as marketing, with my current monthly income below USD 800 and due to my family's financial circumstances I had decided not to continue towards my education after succesfully completing my high school (grades 71/100). However, I ought to start my education again but can not afford to stop working & avail myself completely for studies, that makes my only affordable option to be via distance learning or online. Taking a look at my monthly salary and no employer support I can't afford expensive option and at the same time I want to graduate as quickly as possible which eventually means I require an accelerated option. I did all the research online that I could starting from India, Malaysia, UK, USA, Germany, Holland, Saudi Arabia, UAE but couldn't find all in one option at all.

I would really be grateful to everyone who can genuinly guide me towards a fruitful start please.


Thank you all in advance, god bless.