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E-LearneronBudget posted this 13 October 2011 - Last edited 06 August 2015

I am so grateful for . Thank you so much for this site.

I have wanted to earn a bachelors degree 100% online for a long time now. Unfortunately, educating myself is out of my budget. I also have thought about taking one or two classes at a time.

What are the most affordable online learning opportunities?

VickyPhillips posted this 13 October 2011 - Last edited 21 October 2015

Hello Budget Elearner,

Well, you came to the right place.

GetEducated publishes official ranking lists of the Best Affordable Online Degrees . Check these rankings out for factual leads on great buys nationwide.

If you have no college to date see if your local community college has an online learning program -- almost all do and these will be among the best low cost options, See our list of online community colleges to find a cheap college in your state.

Try an online course or two at your local college to see if you like distance learning.

Good Luck!


stivibi posted this 16 February 2012 - Last edited 06 August 2015

Thank you for the awesome website! Question: when you list tuition costs or cost/degree, is this an annual cost? Per semester? Or actually to get the entire degree?



VickyPhillips posted this 16 February 2012 - Last edited 21 October 2015

Hi Stefan,

The cost you see on any degree is an estimate for the entire degree program. It includes tuition + distance learning fees to earn the entire degree or certificate.

Each profile in our directory details how the cost estimate is arrived at so just look at any profile to see what we added up to get the total estimated cost.

Example: Look at the online bachelors degree profile for the University System of Georgia online IT bachelors degree and you will see cost data displayed (as you will on any profile)


Credits: 120 minimum (Semester Credits)

State Residents: $ 350.00 per semester credit
Out of State: $ 350.00 per semester credit

Total Cost of Degree: $42,000.00 ($350.00 x 120)

The $42,000 estimate is a calculation of 120 minimum credits x $350 per credit. If you have transfer credits it will cost you less to complete this degree but all cost estimates given assume you will need to complete all the required courses/credits on the college that interests you.

All the Best


stivibi posted this 16 February 2012 - Last edited 06 August 2015

Thank you for your help!