College Credit for Work Experience & Traning

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lerch posted this 04 June 2014 - Last edited 24 February 2016

Hello, I am looking to see what all training can be converted into college credit hours. I Completed Nashville Auto Diesel College, Police Academy and countless police training over the years. I've heard that some of the previous training can be converted to credit hours. If so, where and how?

Kayleigh posted this 06 June 2014 - Last edited 21 October 2015


Great question!

Scams abound in this area and many degree mills will promise you a diploma for your life and work experience but don't be fooled—check the top 10 signs of a diploma mill before making any decisions!

Thankfully, there are 5 legitimate ways to earn real college credit for your life and work experience!

Most regionally accredited (the highest level of accreditation) universities will allow for a student to earn up to 30 assessment based credits but two schools—Excelsior College and Thomas Edison State College—DO allow a student to earn an assessment based associate or bachelor degree. Since you have a lot of technical training under your belt, you may be able to take advantage of this for your degree.

You will need to contact each school to find out exactly what training they accept. Another way to earn college credit for life or work experience is through competency based exams. Western Governors University and Charter Oak State College are two great options.

Both schools allow students to earn credits toward a degree by proving proficiency in a subject. Again, you will need to contact each school to see if your training qualifies.

Here is some additional information about earning a life experience degree.

Best of luck!