Princely International University Scam

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Hi; please notify me if PRINCELY International University in NY, USA. Is it a legal distance learning university and accredited by CHEA? I did not find it in your lists, and I would like to know more about PRINCELY I.U. Thank you. A. Zelzle

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Hi AZ,

Is Princely International University (New York - Saudi Arabia) a degree mill or is it duly authorized to award accredited online degrees in the USA?

PRINCELY INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY 304 Park Ave. South, 11th Floor New York, NY 10010 USA TEL: +1 877 983 22 33

Let's see .. PIU claims origins in Saudi Arabia with an authority to award online degrees in the USA.

Yet, the only college accreditation agency they list - Distance Learning International Accreditation Association (DEIAA) -- is not recognized by the US Department of Education, CHEA or any other international college accrediting agency.

They have even misspelled the acronym for their fake accreditation agency, which should properly be DLIAA rather than DEIAA.

They include the common degree mill misleading statement about an international Apostil (sic) as follows:

"Your Princely diploma and academic transcripts can be internationally validated by the Apostil from The Hague. In accordance with the resolutions reached at The Hague Convention, diplomas, certificates and transcripts issued by universities in one country can be officially legalized in other countries. The cost of each Apostils is to be added to the tuition fee."

Of course the "apostil" of the Hague has no bearing here in terms of a Princely college degree being recognized as "accredited" for use in the United States, but it sounds good, doesn't it???

They list a United States recruiting office of 304 Park Ave. South, 11th Floor, New York, NY but they are not listed, registered or approved as an educational institution by the New York Regents.

Personally, I smell a real dog here folks ...

See the factual report on Princely in our Diploma Mill Police database and list of questionable online schools.

I'm going to have to advise you that a Princely degree would definitely not be accepted by other properly accredited colleges in the USA.

To determine the type of college accreditation that is valid in the USA for online degrees see the Get Educated Online College Accreditation FAQS

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