Is OLWA University Fake?

  • Last Post 06 June 2012
josolart96 posted this 04 June 2012 - Last edited 25 February 2016

I received information from Olford Waters University (OLWA University) and I visited their website, but I cannot find any information (other than their website) to determine if this is a reputable, accredited university. Do they hold proper accreditation?

VickyPhillips posted this 06 June 2012 - Last edited 22 October 2015

Hi Jo,

I think maybe you mean Olford Walters University? Once we put the "t in there we were able to find a website for this university.

We have a report on this online school in our diploma mill database:

SEE: Olford Walters University scam accreditation report

While this university claims operations in 6 countries, including the USA and UK, we have no record that this school operates legally anywhere in the USA, and the website gives no physical addresses anywhere(highly suspicious).

They claim accreditation by the Global Accreditation Council for Online Academia (GACOA)

The GACOA is on our list of unrecognized college accrediting agencies in the USA.

Notice that BOTH Olford W U and the GACOA websites use the very same web template design. This would suggest perhaps that the 2 websites are owned and run by the same entity.

In any case Olford Walters is NOT accredited by any recognized agency in the USA to award college degrees. We'd not recommend enrolling based on the above findings.

If you come up with any additional data, please let our readers know!

All the best