Hello. I currently hold an Associate's degree in Prekindergarten Education and will graduate with a Bachelor of Integrative Studies Degree in December of this year. Since enrolling in college 4 years ago, I have changed my major two or three times. Therefore, I have many courses that do not count for either of my degree programs. I am interested in getting a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education online. I have found several schools. However, I was wondering if any of the courses that did not count for either degree could transfer over into the Master's program since one, they are within the education field, and two, since they didn't count for either of my degrees. I spoke with one online university and I was told that since my classes for my degree programs were undergraduate classes, they would not transfer for my Master's program. Is that true for all Master's programs or is that only for that school. I cannot find the answer to this question anywhere. Many of the courses I took are very similar to courses I need for the Master's programs and I really would rather not take them again. Thanks in advance for your help.