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bo_mw719 posted this 14 October 2014 - Last edited 15 March 2016

Hi, I live in Vancouver, Canada and want to become a licensed marriage and family therapist with AAMFT. Can I get some recommendations on which online Masters degree would be suitable for this? Do potential employers value an online Masters degree as much as a traditional one, especially in the psychology and counseling field? Thanks!

Kayleigh posted this 20 October 2014 - Last edited 15 March 2016

Hi there,

Thanks for your question!

In order to become a licensed marriage and family therapist with the AAMFT, you will need to obtain at least a regionally accredited master's from one of the AAMFT approved schools that will also accept international students (as you are located in Canada).

Review AAMFT's membership evaluation requirements here (PDF).

AAMFT has approved two online schools that offer marriage and family therapy master's degree programs; Capella University and Northcentral University. Both accept international students.

SEE: Capella University Online Master of Science in Marriage and Family Counseling, Therapy
SEE: Northcentral University Online Master of Arts in Marriage and Family

The total cost of Capella's program is approximately $44,804 while the approximate cost of Northcentral's program is $37,755.00 (for the minimum required amount of credits).

Also, Capella offers a master of science while Northcentral offers a master of arts. Comparing the differences between these programs will help you decide which is right for you—specifically if you prefer a more science or theoretical based approach.

Speaking with alumni from each program can also help you to decide.

As for your second question, online education has come a long way. Employers are much more comfortable with online degrees, especially if they follow three factors that increase credibility.

In case you decide to look outside of AAMFT approval check out the full list of all online mft degrees.

Good luck!