Cheapest Online Master's in English

  • Last Post 28 August 2014
mizzya posted this 20 August 2014 - Last edited 15 March 2016

I'm searching for the cheapest and having a hard time sifting through online degrees. Does anyone know of an online master's in english / literature / creative writing that is cheaper than 10K?

Kayleigh posted this 28 August 2014 - Last edited 15 March 2016

Hi there,

Thanks for your question.

There are tons of online degrees out there making it very hard to sort through.

GetEducated's database of over 3,500 online degree programs makes this process much easier.

We profile over 200 online master degrees in Art and Liberal Arts.

Online master degrees in english
Online master degrees in writing

The cheapest online master's in one of these majors is Morehead State University Masters of Arts in English which will cost you $17,589.00.

The next cheapest are Southern New Hampshire University options which will run you $22,572.00. You may be interested in the Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing.

All the best!