Best Online Master's in Higher Education?

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amturcatti posted this 02 July 2014 - Last edited 15 March 2016

I am very interested in pursuing a master degree in Higher Education with an emphasis in student affairs. I have been looking at many different online programs. Depending the website I visit, it's how they rank those programs (and the difference is really big). Could someone explain to me how to decide which university offers a good degree? My second question is: Will employers consider an online degree with the same standard as a regular degree? Thank you very much.

Kayleigh posted this 08 July 2014 - Last edited 15 March 2016


GREAT question!

There has been an explosion in online learning in the last five years. Consequently, the amount of schools offering online education has grown tremendously leaving prospective students unsure where to even begin their degree search.

GetEducated profiles over 500 online master degree programs in education. Our degree search allows you to sort with over 12 different filters including major, cost, reviews, accreditation, required entrance exams, and school characteristics.

View 36 online master's in higher education

The following list outlines popular factors that students consider when comparing programs. While researching programs, think about which of these factors means the most to you in order to find the best possible degree options.


Know the differences between national and regional accreditation (the gold standard). Some employers favor online degrees that are regionally accredited and transferring credits is often harder if your online school is nationally accredited.


There are a lot of "college ranking lists" out there that rank on arbitrary factors or push programs to the top of the list if they pay.

Here at GetEducated we pride ourselves on publishing cost rankings based ONLY on the real, total cost of each online degree program (regardless of advertising dollars or hidden equation.)

You mentioned you'd like to work in student affairs therefore make sure you check out our rankings of the most affordable online master's in education administration and leadership. These 26 "Best Buys" objectively cost less than the national average of all of the degrees surveyed in the national data set.


A great way to get a feel for a degree program is to read reviews from current students, alumni, teachers, and the general public. GetEducated gathers these reviews on each degree's profile page.

To read these real student reviews simply click on each program's link on the Best Buy list or in degree search.

School Characteristics

Do you want to attend a public school or a private school? Cost varies wildly with both types of schools and going with a public school does not guarantee you'll save money!

Many popular state schools with great reputations now offer online programs and getting your degree from a backyard brand can help you land a job.

Same goes for non-profit vs. for-profit schools. Research is your best ally here as well. Research the cost but also consider what the school offers in terms of student support and other services. 


Your second question is also a bit tricky.

Online education is becoming more widely accepted and respected by employers HOWEVER if an online school follows 3 general rules a tentative employer may accept your online degree much more readily.

Now, get comparing, and let me know if you have any more questions!

Best of luck!