Boise vs University of Illinois Reputation

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rozyp80 posted this 28 November 2013 - Last edited 15 March 2016

Hello, I am writing this because I am perplexed about what graduate school to go to for my master's degree. I have gotten into Boise State and University of Illinois online master's programs in Educational Technology. Boise State is half the cost of UofI. I can get my degree for $13,000 vs. $25,000. BUT, UofI is higher ranked and more prestigious school. I think at least. I like the classes offered at Boise State. But, UofI was the school that I really wanted to get into. My ego may be getting the best of me. I am wondering if employers will look more highly at me if I have a degree from UofI? Will I get an interview more easily? Is UofI a better school? Does it matter? I am a teacher with 6 years of experience. I plan on going into the corporate sector as a instructional designer or trainer. I really need some advice. I have not accepted my financial aid at either school yet and I am registered for classes at both! Thanks!

Kayleigh posted this 09 December 2013 - Last edited 26 October 2015


It's smart of you to consider what your future employers may think of your master's degree!

The good news—employers don't look at the cost of the degree when considering credibility. Instead, they focus on quality and education cost does NOT always equal quality.

Review the 3 factors that employers use to determine online degree credibility and compare your potential schools:

Finally, if you're still perplexed, check out GetEducated's exclusive rankings of online master's in education and instructional technology. You may find some other school options that you had not considered that offer a well-known backyard brand with a great price tag!

Click through on each school's name to read student, faculty, and employer reviews of the program.

Good luck!