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Capella University Military Tuition Discount

Capella University offers special military tuition discounts and financial aid to active duty personnel and their immediate family members, veterans, National Guard and reservists:

15 percent tuition discount on undergraduate online degree programs
10 percent tuition discount on graduate online degree programs

Capella’s price for undergraduate courses is $310 per credit hour, not counting fees. This, then, would be reduced to $263.50 with a 15 percent discount applied.

Capella’s prices for graduate courses vary by degree (for example, the Master of Science regular fee—not including the 10 percent military discount—is $405 per credit hour, while the MBA regular fee is $625 per credit hour).

This discount extends to active-duty members, veterans, guards, reservists, civilian employees of the Department of Defense, and immediate families of active duty personnel.

For more information, contact Capella University.

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