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Everest University - Florida, Arizona

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Distance Learning Accreditation Status


  • Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges & Schools (ACICS)

CAUTION: What does attending a non-regionally accredited college mean?

Some career paths and career licensing programs may REQUIRE a regionally accredited college degree. In terms of transfer credits and degree recognition the general rule is that colleges with the same type of accreditation accept each other's courses and degrees as the equivalent of their own. If you attend a non-regionally accredited college, regionally accredited colleges may or may not accept your degree as the equivalent of their own in determining your degree standing and transfer credit status. At this time the majority of regionally accredited online colleges do not accept non-regionally accredited degrees as the equivalent of their own. This fact may impact on the future acceptance of your degree or credential in certain circumstances and for certain careers.

SEE Seattle Times - Feb 24, 2006 Article -- Students Sues College Over Accreditation -- and Wins - Latesha Gonzalez, 23, of Washington State, works about 60 hours a week and every month writes a check for her student loans -- but she's paying for an education she says was a waste of time. She dropped out of Crown College in Tacoma after learning her credits there won't be accepted at traditional universities. She says admissions agents at the for-profit, private school, which is accredited by the ACCSCT, lied to her and told her it would be "no problem" to transfer her credits later to Gonzaga University (a regionally accredited college), where she wanted to study criminal psychology. The case highlights the problems students face in distinguishing the importance of accreditation -- and understanding why not all accreditors are equal when it comes to degree recognition regardless of whether the degree is earned on campus or online...

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Special Accreditation Report Notes & Alerts

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  • Everest was formerly known as Florida Metropolitan University and operates campuses in several states in the USA as well as online.

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