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Our mission is to list and catalog every online degree, certificate, and course and the schools that offer them. Prospective online students who have performed research on sites such as make better students, and offer higher enrollment, retention, and graduation rates. Basic listings are free; however some schools desire extra promotion throughout the site. Upon registration, sponsor schools recieve the following promotional enhancements at

1. Increased rankings within School and Degree browse result pages
2. Increased rankings within search results
3. Promotion on the right and left columns throughout the website
4. Customized student inquiry form including direct post of information
With so many schools and programs to choose from, Sponsors will enjoy far more impressions in front of great student prospects. There are several levels of promotion available at including both peformance based and annual listing fee structures.  To receive our media kit please email .
Online since 1989, Get Educated was the first site to begin publishing authentic, data-driven online degree rankings in 2004. 

Get Educated specializes in authentic brand-based marketing for online universities. 
Our unique, data-driven Online College Rankings and Reviews alert consumers to the Best Online Degrees nationwide.

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Our Best Buy rankings help traditional, non-profit colleges position themselves as affordable online options.

GetEducated Marketing Testimonial - Ranked #1 in Consumer Trust by Fortune, CNN, Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal as “the place” for expert advice on distance degrees. Organically ranked #1 on Google - Online Degree Rankings. Advertising Testimonial

Our researchers catalog 3,800+ accredited online degrees and certificates -- more than any other online directory. Our national online degree surveys publish authentic data on accredited programs -- whether those programs advertise on our site or not. 

Our goal: provide the most comprehensive data set in service to consumers.

And we're the only online education site that provides reviews from real, verified online students.

Online students want to know: 
  • What’s unique about your program?
  • Do you honestly offer affordable online degrees when compared to your peers in authentic national surveys?
  • Do you rate high in alumni satisfaction, student reviews and local employer acceptance?
Get Educated's unique online degree comparison tools allows students to compare online programs along more than 40 data-driven dimensions, ranging from affordability to institutional status (non-profit vs. for-profit) to student ratings. 

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The Get Educated tools, rankings and ratings position  online colleges along the authentic brand dimensions that matter most to students themselves: cost and credibility. 

We specialize in honest brand differentiation in a competitive and crowded marketplace. Advertising
Note:  We do not allow colleges to buy a place on any of our ranking lists.  We do not accept student reviews that are paid advertorials.

We accept only annual, flat rate sponsorship plans from screened, accredited universities.  We maintain a traditional media policy of separating ads from editorial. Our data and listings are authentic. If you honestly rate high on any dimension we allow you to use the power of that earned media to promote and differentiate your brand.

Note: To be eligible for a listing with your university must be accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or the Council on Higher Education Accreditation or an international equivlent. 

No degree mills. 
No diploma mills.  
No promotions from unaccredited colleges or colleges accredited by fake agencies.

For marketing opportunities for your accredited programs, contact us today. 
Include your name and title, the name of your college or company, and a telephone contact. If there is a specific online degree program or school you want to promote let us know that too. The more you tell us, the better we can prepare to meet your needs.    

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