Pre-Employment Skills Testing & Assessment

Assessments from are designed to help students gain powerful insights by putting their skills to the test and discovering more about their own abilities and knowledge. These critical testing materials will take students through every facet of a particular skill or subject and report back on the student's overall understanding, grasp and ability within that doctrine.

With varying lengths and a wide selection of subjects from the broad to the specific,'s skill assessments empower students to flesh out their portfolio and demonstrate to prospective employers that they're an ideal candidate with certified skills for any position or role they may pursue while validating their own abilities and giving themselves a roadmap for growth and future success!  Narrow your search by using the browse filters located at the top left of the page.

Pre-Employment Skills Testing & Assessment

Discrimination in the Workplace (US)

The Discrimination in the Workplace (US) Assessment evaluates an individual’s ability to understand issues related to this subject, to... read more

HR Administrator

Characterized as being creative problem-solvers, Human Resource employees function as the middlemen in office affairs between a company and ... read more

Human Resources (US)

The Human Resources (US) Assessment evaluates an individual’s skills and knowledge related to human resources and fostering a healthy ... read more

Human Resources Assistant

This test measures the candidate's knowledge of general HR concepts, the ability to effectively communicate about and maintain employee bene... read more

Workplace Safety

The Workplace Safety Assessment evaluates an individual’s skills and knowledge related to safety rules and regulations within the peri... read more