Pre-Employment Skills Testing & Assessment

Assessments from are designed to help students gain powerful insights by putting their skills to the test and discovering more about their own abilities and knowledge. These critical testing materials will take students through every facet of a particular skill or subject and report back on the student's overall understanding, grasp and ability within that doctrine.

With varying lengths and a wide selection of subjects from the broad to the specific,'s skill assessments empower students to flesh out their portfolio and demonstrate to prospective employers that they're an ideal candidate with certified skills for any position or role they may pursue while validating their own abilities and giving themselves a roadmap for growth and future success!  Narrow your search by using the browse filters located at the top left of the page.

Pre-Employment Skills Testing & Assessment

Administrative Assistant

This is the position that keeps an office and everyone in it organized and running. It’s not uncommon for these individuals to know th... read more

Administrative Coordinator

This test measures the candidate’s ability to coordinate and perform administrative tasks, prioritize effectively, maintain good relat... read more

Administrative Secretary

This test measures the candidate’s ability to answer telephones and provide information to callers, arrange meetings, manage documents... read more

Administrative Specialist

This test measures the candidate’s ability to respond to inquiries, coordinate responses to data requests, manage correspondence, and ... read more

Admissions Representative

This test measures the candidates’ ability to coordinate an efficient admission process by gathering and verifying pertinent informati... read more

Deputy City Clerk

This test measures the candidate’s proficiency in planning, organizing, and directing an efficient operation; ability to deliver high ... read more

Executive Assistant

See if you have what it takes to be the most important person in the office, the person who knows everything about anything, who organizes e... read more

Office Assistant

This test measures the candidate’s ability to provide clerical support by answering phones, facilitating communication, filing, copyin... read more

Personal Assistant

This test measures the candidate’s ability to manage calendars, scheduling, meetings, and events. The test covers several subject area... read more

Program Assistant

This test measures the candidate’s ability to develop relationships and communicate well with customers and co-workers, prioritizing a... read more


Receptionists are the recognizable voices and faces of an organization or company. It is their job to develop relationships with customers t... read more

Virtual Administrative Assistant

This test measures the candidate’s ability to schedule meetings, create reports, reply to e-mails, and distribute correspondence. The ... read more