List of Accredited Online Degrees

Computer Science is a broad area of study comprised of many areas of focus. One of the core concepts related to computer science is the emphasis on Information Technology, commonly referred to as IT. The application of information technology is the process of gathering, storing, accessing, transferring and changing data. Many business organizations rely on the massive amounts of information that can be sent and received because of the innovative technological advances in computer science.

IT is mostly associated with computers, but can also apply to any other type of electronic data transfer technology such as the internet, telecommunications, e-commerce and semi-conductors. The most profitable of business ventures rely heavily on information technology to expedite procedures, to obtain correct data for decision making as well as to provide quantitative results to efficiently evaluate current methods and recognize improvements or setbacks.

The modern computer is based on integrated circuits that are capable of solving difficult logic scenarios with the precise configuration of specific arithmetic equations. The technology age is defined by the exponential evolution of the basic computer, now able to fit into mobile devices such as smart phones, music players and tablets; or large enough to support entire cities and corporations.

Degree programs that train and educate students on the core fundamentals of computer science, will integrate the necessary and useful concepts of information technology. IT specialists are responsible for selecting, using and teaching suitable computer programs for government agencies, schools, medical organizations or financial institutions to name a few. The exponential evolution of how a society records data has begun with roots in ancient times, using slide rules or an abacus, to the mid 1940’s with the invention of the first ‘computer’ as we would think of today. The annual spending for further advancement of IT technology will include the salaries of well-educated and trained individuals earning undergraduate or graduate degrees in computer science and information technology.

Successful graduates of a computer science IT program will be well prepared to enter the professional atmosphere and peer oriented working environments of a competitive global job market. Earning a degree with an IT focus will offer students the opportunities of limitless career potential and room for growth and lifelong learning.


List of Accredited Online Degrees

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Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Communication & Rhetoric


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    Public, 4-year or above
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    Mostly Online
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