List of Accredited Online Degrees

Students pursuing Business degrees at a college or university will enter one of the most competitive industries. Business is how the world creates a viable economy, which sustains local or foreign trade and commerce while providing a multitude of careers to successful graduates.

A business program can be taught with several concentrations. Traditionally, accredited colleges and universities offered students a business centered curriculum, covering intrinsic topics such as: accounting, administration, strategy, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, information systems, marketing, organizational behavior, public relations, and statistics. Each area of concentration can be used and enhanced with case-studies and internships, which students may be required to complete before graduation. These primary courses focus on the essential concepts of how to manage, lead and perform in the industry.

Degree granting institutions can operate under the title of school of business, business administration, and management. The earned degrees can vary in concentrations but are common in the core studies, students can major or minor in career specific topics as well as use the degree as a foundation for other higher educational aspirations. The different levels of a business degree are:

  • Associates of Science (AS), Associates of Arts (AA), Associates of Applied Science (AAS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), Bachelor of Arts in Business (BAB)
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Post-Graduate certificates (Leadership, Management, Operations etc.)
  • Doctorate of Professional Studies (DPS), Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

Students can also earn business degrees with an international focus, to prepare for the growing global marketplace by adding courses in acceptable cultural practices, foreign language and political science. Graduates will use the designed curriculum, in addition to the required general education requirements that include the social science, the arts, humanities, history and literature to formulate a solid understanding of business.


List of Accredited Online Degrees

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Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

The construction sector is growing rapidly and individuals with a well-rounded education in written and verbal communication, technical construction fundamentals, math, business, law, and other r...

  • Sector of Institution:
    4-year, Private not-for-profit
  • Religious Affiliation:


  • Degree Level:
  • Delivery format:
    100% Online
  • Credit hrs to complete:
  • Credit Type:
    Per Quarter Credit

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