List of Accredited Online Degrees

The advanced degree in business is known usually as a Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A.). The MBA designation originated as the United States began to industrialize and companies sought out scientific approaches to management. An MBA program is generally comprised of the advanced business courses of accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management and so forth. Often, universities or colleges that offer an MBA program will also offer an area of concentration; students can choose to excel in an area of focus related to personal and career aspirations. One important area of focus is in International Business.

Earning an MBA with a focus in International Business is supplementing the core advanced knowledge and understandings from a traditional MBA with the dynamic and forward thinking problem solving skills required to succeed as a leader in most global and international business organizations. International business is crucial to the success as the boundaries of traditional business limits are being broadened. The wide scope of potential clients and socio-economic impact of conducting business between multiple countries will continuously evolve as technology advances business opportunities.

Graduate students purpose of earning a Master’s degree is to obtain higher positions in leadership career opportunities. Graduates who hold a MBA degree will be eligible for jobs that need the advanced education, of core business concepts. Students of a MBA program will use theory and application of business and operations management principles when competing for promotions or completing critical tasks.

The courses are designed to build on graduate students already learned foundations in business and introduce developmental coursework in key aspects of business:

  • Analytical Courses: accounting, economics, operations research, organizational behavior, statistics.
  • Functional Courses: financial management, human resource management, marketing management, operations management.
  • Specialization Courses: entrepreneurship, finance (including corporate finance and investment management), international business, management information systems, management science, marketing, operations management, organizational design, project management, real estate, risk management and strategy.

Where a student earns their MBA is almost as valuable as earning the degree itself. Students must take into consideration the offering institutions accreditation. The intense standards of educational consistency exist to ensure a quality program of study as well as the proper resources needed when seeking careers in the professional environment. A majority of schools base acceptance into the MBA program upon adequate scoring on the GMAT or GRE tests. The GMAT is usually for students holding Bachelors of Science degrees; the GRE is designed for students holding Bachelor of Arts degrees.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) combined with significant work experience, academic transcripts, essays, references or letters of recommendation and personal interviews.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is also accepted by some schools in lieu of the GMAT. Combined with extracurricular activities, community service activities and how a graduate student can improve the diversity of as well as contribute to the student body as a whole.


List of Accredited Online Degrees

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