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July 30, 2008 - Online Colleges: Hidden Gems of Affordability Lure Consumers to Online Education

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July 30, 2008,, Essex Junction, VT (PR Web)

Want to save $10,000 on a bachelor's degree? How about paying $12,000 less than the national average for an accredited Master's in Business Administration (MBA)?

Savings this large are possible, according to, a national consumer advocacy group that researches, rates, ranks and verifies the credibility of online college degree programs.

The key: park your car and head back to college online this fall.

“A college degree is the second most expensive purchase a consumer will make in his or her lifetime—second only to the purchase of a home,” says’s founder, Vicky Phillips. “Doesn’t it make sense that consumers should use the Internet to comparison-search for higher education bargains online?”

The really good news?

Consumers who take the time to compare online colleges can realize savings amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s right. Tens of thousands.

Moreover, because the majority of brick-and-mortar colleges now offer at least some of their degrees online, consumers can save thousands while earning bachelor's and master's degrees online at universities whose names are both recognizable and respected.

“Ten years ago if you wanted to earn a degree through distance learning you had few choice,” remarks Phillips, “but today both name-brand state universities and the elite Ivy League offer online degrees.”

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and Babson College are just a few of the name-brand colleges profiled by the online education experts at

To help consumers locate hidden gems of affordability among online universities and distance learning colleges has published the following consumer advice:

Three Golden Rules of Going Back to College Online

California State University, Kansas State University, Indiana State University, The State University of New York, the University of Nebraska and Dakota State University are just a few of the traditional state colleges that offer low cost, high-quality online master's and online bachelor's degrees to a national audience via the Internet.

How much can you save by attending a state college online?

Bucket loads.

Online MBA Average Cost: $20,000
Cost of an Online MBA - California State University - Dominguez Hills: $12,000
Total Savings: $8,000

Online Computer Science Master's Average Cost: $23,000
Cost of an Online Master's - Columbus State University (GA): $8,000
Total Savings: $15,000

Search engines are the world’s worst way to locate online colleges. Degree mills —fake online colleges—advertise heavily on search engines. All it takes to appear at the top of a Google search is a valid Visa or Mastercard.

In addition, for-profit colleges have invested heavily—as in tens of millions of dollars—in search-engine optimization and online advertising, effectively positioning themselves at the top of all searches as well as at the top of thousands of “online education portals.”

The goal of for-profit colleges: buy their way into consumer consciousness.

Here’s what you won't find if you rely on a search engine: hundreds of inexpensive state universities, many of which spend as little as a thousand dollars per year on online advertising.

You’ll have to dig to find the true distance learning college bargains.

Start your digging at As a consumer agency, gives free profiles to all accredited colleges, leveling the playing field for state colleges and universities.

At, all colleges get equal exposure.

You’ll find hundreds of state college and universities offering distance learning degrees at

Based on’s national surveys of online education at accredited online colleges, here’s how much a consumer can actually save by comparison shopping for an online college degree.’s Best Buys in Online MBAs - Regionally Accredited

Online MBA (Regionally Accredited)
Low Cost: $7,000
High Cost: $45,000
Average Cost: $20,000’s Best Buys in Online MBAs - AACSB Accredited

Online MBA (AACSB Accredited)

Low Cost: $8,000
High Cost: $107,000
Average Cost: $32,000

Top Ranked Best Buys Online Master's Degrees Healthcare & Nursing

Online Master's Healthcare & Nursing
Low Cost: $8,000
High Cost: $50,000
Average Cost: $21,000

Top Ranked Best Buys Online Masters Human Resources

Online Master's Human Resources
Low Cost: $9,000
High Cost: $41,000
Average Cost: $18,000

Top Ranked Best Buys Online Masters Computers & Information Systems

Online Master's Computer Science & Information Systems
Low: $5,000
High: $65,000
Average Cost: $24,000

Top Ranked Best Buys Online Master's Engineering

Online Master's Engineering
Low Cost: $7,000
High Cost: $86,00
Average Cost: $23,000

“Take the time to GetEducated about online college costs,” urges Phillips, the online education consumer advocate.

"Consult’s Best Buy Rankings for Online Degrees before you enroll. GetEducated now to avoid getting ripped off at the college bursar’s office later this fall.”

About: is a consumer watchdog and advocacy group that rates, ranks, and verifies the cost, quality and credibility of online colleges and online universities. Our Mission is to educate, advocate and protect.

Founded in 1989 by Vicky Phillips, a psychologist and educator, developed America’s first online counseling center for adult distance learners. Today, remains the only consumer advocacy group in the USA dedicated exclusively to assisting online students in analyzing, comparing, rating, and ranking online colleges and universities. also serves to protect distance learners from the dark world of online education fraud through innovative free services, such as The Diploma Mill Police (SM), a database that chronicles consumer alerts on more than 300 fake online colleges and university scams.

© 2010, Get Educated, Inc.

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