Recently I am checking out EBS Heriott Wat University MBA, because:

1. it's cheap
2. it has chinese text books
3. it's very flexible
4. however, it's mostly text learning and it's 100% exam, I am afraid that I can only learn a lot of theory, but can't connect it will reality.

But after reading many posts 80% don't suggest going there.
Mostly because the exam style and the accreditation which I don't really mind, but I am afraid it will affect my further study or anything that it will need a accredited degree.
So I am stuck again.

Let me share a bit of myself, and what I am looking for.
I would like very much of your sight.

I am 31 years old, from China, I have 13 years work experience on many areas: management, purchasing, accounting, project managing, and so on.

This is what I am looking for:
1. MBA master degree attainable within 3 years
-- because I also need it for my CMA certificate.

2. it's affordable, around $12000, sure it must be distant learning

3. it doesn't require bachelor degree, GMAT or so.
-- I graduated from university without credentials.

4. I can really learn something from the program to improve my profession,
so I prefer the program would be close to case studies more.

5. Of course in English

I would appreciate any feedback about MBA program suggestions.