The Best MOOCS to Take for Fun

The Best MOOCs Take You Right Inside the Classsroom Prima Vista/Flickr

Remember all those “cool” courses you could never fit into your degree plan? The same ones everyone told you would never lead to a high-paying job or a reliable career?


My ideal college major would have been one part political science, two scoops nutrition and a heap of fashion merchandising with a dash of web design. In reality, to graduate on time with a coveted bachelor’s degree, I had to clock most of my hours working on major course requirements.


Enter MOOC Courses — Fun Learning


The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) course movement means anyone, anywhere has instant access to all sorts of interesting online courses—for free. Prereqs and degree plans don’t exist in the MOOC world. You’re free to go crazy and follow your learning passions (without having to sit through boring 101 classes to get to the good stuff!).


Below are my personal picks for the best MOOCs for leisure learning. These online courses are guaranteed to satiate your mind with delicious information. I’ll see you on the inside!


If you love History, take…


If you love Literature, take…


If you love Art, take…


If you love Nature, take…


If you love Cooking, take…


If you love Science Fiction, take…


If you love Psychology, take…


If you love Music, take…

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About Kayleigh Gilbert

Kayleigh graduated cum laude from Saint Michael's College in VT with a Bachelor's in Political Science and Minor in Journalism & Mass Communication. Returning to GetEducated after a highly successful intern period, she manages marketing and social media. Kayleigh is a world traveler and photographer whose sojourns to date have taken her to Africa, India, and Portugal where she created a website for an HIV/AIDS non-profit, volunteered with the Missionaries of Charity, and picked olives at an organic farm.
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One Response to The Best MOOCS to Take for Fun

  1. Zoe Bogart says:

    Really fascinating and good information! Thanks Kayleigh!

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