Online Masters in Education Cost Comparison [VIDEO]

Get Educated is committed to helping students find affordable online masters degrees. 
Our current college directory profiles 1,297 online graduate degrees — the largest directory on the web.

We profile 386 online education masters degrees. If that much choice overwhelms you, check out our video buyer’s guide.

Vicky Phillips, our founder, walks you through an online masters in education cost comparison. She offers tips to help you choose the best college using your personal values.

If it’s the hunt among all those choices that’s slowing you down, definitely check out her suggestions.

How to find the best fit for you? Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, a consumer magazine, and Get Educated teamed up in 2010 to evaluate online education masters degrees based on prestige.

 Here are our top 3 picks.

Prestigious Online Education Masters Degrees

    1. Columbia University Teacher’s College - M.A. in Computing & Education

    2. Michigan State University - M.A. in Education Technology & Learning

    3. Penn State University World Campus – Online M. Ed. Instructional Systems, Educational Technology


Get Educated’s top picks for prestige are all residential grad schools which also offer online versions of their renowned education degrees.

Finding Affordable Online Masters Degrees

What matters most to you — cost or prestige?

Masters degrees in this field range from $6,000 to $50,000, with an average cost of $15,000.
 You could save a bundle by comparing costs and degree programs before you enroll.

Follow Vicky’s tips from this video to figure out your values and understand your choices.

Then, use our free online degree search tool to Get Educated!
 If you need more advice, or have questions, start talking on our online masters degree forums.

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About Jess Wisloski

Jess Wisloski is an established freelancer and has worked as a staff reporter at some of New York City's leading fast-turnaround publications including the New York Times, the Brooklyn Papers, and the New York Daily News.
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2 Responses to Online Masters in Education Cost Comparison [VIDEO]

  1. Vicky Phillips says:

    Hi Lauren,

    Great question — our answer, based on asking the students themselves and watching their queries and behavior over the years is that they care about both.

    Higher Education is a service/product where “quality” matters bcs. perceptions of quality can impact employability. And as you likely know most students who use online degree programs are looking for a real career pay back.

    One interesting thing we have seen is a rising trend to care more and more about cost. Online students want quality — but not at any price. As in any area, some people will pay any price for perceived quality while others will buy solely based on budget.

    Cost is an issue for adult learners bcs most will fund their own studies through debt. And older adults are shouldering record student loan debt.

    Online learning has greatly increased choice; increased choice is causing people to investigate degree cost in a new way — they are comparing BEFORE they enroll. Online programs will be pressured to respond to price comparisons in new ways in this decade.

    All the Best

  2. These are great tips Vicky (thanks for sharing Jess). It would be interesting to find out the answer to your question though…. I wonder what students care about most, cost or prestige?

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