How To Be a CSI: Learn the Guts and Gore of Forensic Science Online

Gritty TV shows portray CSIs as having an inner ‘eye’ for whodunit. Crime scene investigators appear both glamorous and gifted. So much so that a million and one-half people a month ask Google, “How do I become a CSI?”

Real CSIs must hit the books to master the guts and glory of the trade. CSIs today are earning forensic science degrees online. Turns out blood spatter analysis can be taught extremely well using online video labs.

Can you really learn how to be a CSI online? You bet, says the online degree division at Champlain College, in Burlington, Vermont. Champlain offers undergraduate and graduate forensic science courses online ranging from Intro to Forensics to Digital Investigative Techniques.

Online students at Champlain don’t just read books and case studies about forensics. They also learn online by viewing a series of video labs that teach distance learning students how to master skills like blood spatter analysis using catsup, rulers and – er — paper dolls.

From blood splatter to bullet trajectories, CSI professionals are being taught forensic science through online courses and video labs.

Want to become a CSI? Jobs abound. The criminology and forensics field is set to grow 20% by 2018.

Forensic technicians usually need a bachelor of forensic science which includes concentrations such as criminology, pathology, and forensic accounting. Those who already hold a degree in the natural sciences will benefit from prior lab experience.

Get Educated profiles a variety of online forensic science degrees, including:

1. American Public University School, Undergraduate Certificate in Forensics

2. Bellevue University, Bachelor of Science in Investigations

3. Utica College, Bachelor of Science Cybersecurity

4. Champlain College, Master of Science in Digital Forensic Management

View all online forensic science, criminology, criminal justice, law and legal degrees in the Get Educated directory to find out more about specific online degrees in this exciting career area.

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About Kayleigh Gilbert

Kayleigh graduated cum laude from Saint Michael's College in VT with a Bachelor's in Political Science and Minor in Journalism & Mass Communication. Returning to GetEducated after a highly successful intern period, she manages marketing and social media. Kayleigh is a world traveler and photographer whose sojourns to date have taken her to Africa, India, and Portugal where she created a website for an HIV/AIDS non-profit, volunteered with the Missionaries of Charity, and picked olives at an organic farm.
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3 Responses to How To Be a CSI: Learn the Guts and Gore of Forensic Science Online


    I am interested in doing an online CSI course. Can u please send me information about getting started and include the cost and upon completion tell me what is awarded : an online certificate or a degree ? Hope to hear from u soon.

  2. Dan says:

    I have always felt that online learning is a great option for many. But, in all honesty wondered how some degrees were taught with little or no in class work (like Forensic Science). But, the video explains that. I guess I learned something new today.

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