Guest Blogging Policies

How to Become a Get Educated Guest Blogger

Who Can Be a Guest Blogger?

If you are a genuine online learning expert we want you chatting up our readers with your intelligent musings, whether that be in the form of articles, infographics, or video shorts.

We especially welcome book authors, course developers, ed tech geeks, and online students and teachers alike who are interested in shedding light on online learning and the future of higher education.

Why Be a Guest Blogger on Get Educated?

If you’re an expert or thought leader on any aspect of online learning — online teaching, online college quality, degree mills, online student success, open source, ebooks, consumer finance for higher education, or ed tech trends — your opinion matters.

Your insights could help a new generation of lifelong learners and DIY students get educated about quality online learning. That’s what we’re here for – to help Americans get educated about the best online learning options BEFORE they enroll.

Get Educated is visited more than 100,000 times a month. Our traffic is 100% organic, and we get a lot of attention for our unique efforts. (Hey, we run the only online college ranking and reviews site hand-crafted to help consumers compare online colleges. We want to help people get educated about online earning so they get matched to the right program at the lowest possible cost.)

EXPERT CITATIONS – Get Educated routinely gets cited by pundits in big media like Kiplinger, Bankrate, New York Times, CNN, Forbes, PC World, Fortune, Yahoo, The Ladders, and more …

It can’t hurt you to have your expert advice featured on our web site.
Your guest article will be published with a bio, your picture, 1 link back to your main website, and up to 2 additional links back to your best resources or services (Here is where you can promote that book, consulting service or your freelance services….)

What We Love in Our Inbox

We crave good, clean advice for consumers looking to get educated about the best in online learning. We are dying for fresh, smart career and teaching tips for online educators who want to take up careers in the digital world.

We cover financial aid, adult and non-traditional student issues, online teaching jobs and careers, online student tips, new product and new college reviews, the best online education for hot careers, diplomas mills, and online education scams.

1–Top Lists / Best lists

Time is short. Attention spans too. Lists are darn popular. Tell our readers – both online students and teachers – who, in your expert opinion, offers the best of anything related to online learning. Top 5 – Top 10 – Top 7. Help our readers cut through the clutter, hype and drivel that gets served up by a Google search today. Be real and recommend the very best!

10 Top Online Masters in Education Technology Teachers Won’t Be Ashamed to Put on Their Resumes
Top 10 Signs Real Online College or Degree Mill?

2–How to Tips for Students

Each article should contain at least 5 solid, actionable tips for solving a specific problem. Offer solutions for an online student, teacher, or consumer who is trying to decide if they should buy a higher ed product or service online. We cover higher education, so assume the student is in college or doing advanced high school placement or career/technical studies online. Adult and non-traditional student tips are great for us. Women, the military and first-generation college students are our fan base.

Online Learning Tips: 5 Rules for Online Group Work

3—How to Tips for Teachers

Teachers and professors need help keeping up with everything from how to find a teaching job online, to the 7 best ways to use Facebook in a Class, to the top 10 free content creation tools for their students. Help ‘em out!

Top 10 Free Training Courses for Online Teachers

4—Reviews – Product or Concept THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN –

If there’s a new tech toy, application, product, company, or service – like an iPad app for special education or an online tutoring site — review it using a pro and con style, then judge it – Give it the ole Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down or slap on a letter grade from A to F.

Online Venture, New Charter University, Offers All-You-Can-Eat Education for $199/Month (THUMBS DOWN)

5—Refreshing New Spins on Tired Old Debates

6 Hot Brainy Dudes Who Made Distance Learning History
Students Pay More For Online College Courses? Survey Says… Sometimes
Plagiarism Does Not Escape This Online College Dean

What We Hope Never Dirties Our Inbox

1–Self-Promotion OR Content Farm Articles

Articles written by paid marketers that promote any one degree or online degree search or lead generation site will be set aflame and sent back to you (or printed out and given to Chester the Dog with an Online MBA to happily destroy). If your piece would look good on any spam farm it’s not for us.

2–Generic Fluff

No fluffy, watered down topics like “how to get a degree online,” or “why moms like online learning.” A) They’re not even helpful, and B) they’ve been done before. We want content that’s got more meat on its bones: hard real tips, advice, and insights.

3–Teaser Posts

NO posts that teasers or off-site link bait. These posts force readers to leave our site to see the entire article or to discuss the issue on your blog or your social media site. Our readers want the whole story. And it better be good.

General Examples of types of articles we’d like to see more of:

  • 10 Best Apple iPad Applications for Teaching English Online
  • 7 Top Websites for Librarians Who Lust After Online Learning
  • 6 Ways to Go Back to College Online and Keep One Eye on the Kids
  • 5 Ways For-Profit Online Schools Rip Off Students
  • 5 Ways Non-Profit Online Colleges Fail to Serve Students
  • Special Education Teachers – 3 Best Free Digital Tools to Take Charge of the Classroom

How to Submit a Guest Article

Step 1: Pitch it to us Baby

Send us a suggested title and a maximum 75 word pitch. Send us links to your 3 best articles so we can see you in action. We’ll respond in 3 days if we think you’re a good match.

Step 2: Write Your Heart Out

If we like your pitch, our editors will get right back to ASAP, begging you for more-more-more.

  • Article must be 500-1000 words
  • Must be an original post 100% authored and owned by you. The article cannot be published in its current form anywhere else, including your own website. (30 days after we publish it you can however post it to your own site!)
  • Submit draft in Microsoft Word via email or using Google Docs.
  • Insert no affiliate links. No product for sale links.
  • Submit a 50 word max bio, a picture of you yourself, and a link for your photo/bio.
  • To illustrate your post, include a photo that you own, or include a link to a suggested Flickr photo with a Creative Commons license attribution such as Attribution, Attribution-NoDerivs, or Attribution-ShareAlike (you can search CC photos on flickr here

Step 3: Get a Sweet Reward

After reviewing your draft our editor will do one of three possible things:

  • Accept your piece. She’ll provide a run date when we believe the article will be published on the site. You’ll get $50  to thank you – or, if you don’t want the lucre we’ll donate the same $50 to the charity of your choice.
  • Do some edits or ask you to do a bit of re-writing to make the article a tighter fit with our audience.
  • Send the article back with a rejection. This rarely happens. But in theory it could happen if you pitch us one thing and send us word poo-poo instead.


1. Will Get Educated own my post?

We assume all rights BUT 30 days after posting on our site you can re-blog on your own site with attribution back to the original post at Get Educated. You can also just post an intro to your piece on your own site with a link to the Get Educated full posting.

2. Will Get Educated edit my post?

Yes, of course. We edit all articles. We edit for clarity, tone, grammar, and appropriate linking.

3. Will my post carry my bio and byline?

Yes, and it will also carry a link back to your own site or blog so people can read more of your great stuff.

4. Do you pay?

Yes, if it’s really good stuff we start at $50 per piece. The more people show us they like your stuff by linking to it, tweeting it, sharing it, commenting on it, and sourcing it, the more you will be paid as time goes on. If cold hard cash isn’t really your style, we’ll happily donate your pay to the charity of your choice.

4. Can I Get Hired as a Regular Writer for Get Educated?

If you’re really-really-really good at writing fresh advice, tips, product reviews, how to articles, videos, or visually rich infographics, we have begun looking for telecommuting section editors who know higher education inside out, and who can create crisp word salads that help consumers get educated about the best online education sources, products, and experiences.

Show us your best stuff.

If it’s really good, we’ll want to go steady with you.

Contact Us:
OR Twitter us @GetEducated
OR Facebook us comment or two on your innermost writing desires

11 Responses to Guest Blogging Policies

  1. Laurie Murray says:

    I am an Elementary Education Adjunct at a private institution in Western New York. I have ten years of elementary classroom experience and earned my Masters in Elementary Education online from Albany University. Before teaching, I was an RN in the operating room for twenty years. My decision to return to college at age forty, after my divorce, met with much criticism from coworkers, family and friends. I knew in my heart that it was the best decision for me and my children, and it was. I have learned so many valuable lessons that I can share with adults who are considering a career change. It can be a tough road, juggling the demands of school, child care and financial burdens, but I am proof that it can be done. I would like to share my wealth of knowledge with adults who are returning to college and need to hear from someone who went through similiar experiences and accomplished my goal through hard work and perseverance.

    • Vicky Phillips says:

      Hi Laurie,

      Send us your ideas and a link to other work you have written. Do you use edtech in the classroom? Email us more info at info (at)


  2. Dr. Ann Richbourg says:


    I have been teaching online for exactly 10 years with University of Phoenix. Other universities in which I have online experience are Lamar, Kaplan, and American College of Education. Additionally, when I was a student, many of my courses were taken online with Nova Southeastern University. This has allowed me to work with many OLS systems to include Whiteboard, Blackboard, EPIC, Canvas, Moodle, and Web CT.

    The courses taught were Earth and Space Science, College Mathematics, Using Technology, and all Educational Leadership Courses.

    Please consider me as a blogging candidate.

  3. James H. Olds says:

    I am a retired US Army Chemical Corps officer and have been teaching college courses since 1987 for 8 different colleges and universities around the country. Some of these courses include, American government, business, management, global politics, principles of management, statistics, college algebra, environmental courses, occupational safety, and hazardous materials. I have a Masters degree in engineering technology from Murray State University and the equivalence of a Masters degree from the Command and Gen. Staff College, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. I’m a graduate of the U.S. Army Logistics College and am currently a third year Doctorial candidate from North Central University. Currently I teach online courses for Columbia Southern University and in class courses for Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida. I have received all of my education by going to school at night, on the weekends, or online. I have come to believe that education is certainly a journey, and one that is worth taking. Everyone pays for their college whether it is in cash, or in the devotion of their time. As such, every student deserves the right to get what they pay for. I see students as my customers and therefore I attempt to provide them with the richest experiences possible. While they are still attempting to maintain their professional and social backgrounds.

  4. Dr Michael Baron says:

    Great, I will def consider writing for you :)

  5. Dr. Charles “Randy” Nichols is a Professor of Management with Mid-Continent University. Dr. Nichols has served as online Business/Management faculty for a number of institutions in the U.S. He previously served as Sullivan University’s first Associate Dean for Online Studies and left as a Professor of Business Administration. Dr. Nichols had been with Oakland City University in Indiana where he served three years as the Program Director for the Master of Science in Management Program. He helped develop the “one weekend a month” option to allow for the program to be completed in a year’s time. Randy holds a Ph.D. in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from the Union Institute (Cincinnati, OH), a Master of Public Affairs with a concentration in Human Resources Management and a Bachelor of Science in History and Political Science from Kentucky State University. Randy served nearly seven years as an Army Contract Specialist (buyer) and earned Professional Designation and Certification in Contract Management. He was cited in Essence Magazine (April, 2004) for contributing how to select and take online college courses information to the “Working it” column.

    He holds online instructor certifications from the Walden Institute, Thomas Edison State College, Grand Canyon University , Sullivan University, South University and Franklin University and has completed online instructor training with Baker College (Flint, MI), Franklin University, the University of Phoenix and Walden University.

    Entrepreneurship, business consulting and higher education issues.

  6. Dr_JES says:

    I hope you will take a look at the detailed email I am sending about ways I’d like to contribute to GetEducated as a writer.

  7. Vicky Phillips says:

    Hi Lean,

    Thanks for asking about guest blogging for GetEducated. The article you cited would not be appropriate. Please see the policy page. We don’t accept articles written specifically as advertorials to promote other web sites.

    Refer to our guest blog policiees page for more on our needs.

    All the best

  8. lena says:

    Dear Webmaster,

    I was going through your website and I must say this is an excellent website that you have maintained.I got to know that you accept guest posting. I am really interested to write articles (guest posts) for your website.I will be delighted if you allow me to publish this article in your website. Kindly be assured that the article has been written by me and nobody else. I will be eagerly waiting for your views!


    Author Bio- Lena Paul is an MBA graduate and holds a leadership position with Sigma Research